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Chiptuning Box

Maximum for diesel- and petrol engines

Our performance systems are always at the cutting edge of quality, form & function. The new Performance Pack is supplied as a complete system with vehicle-specific software and OEM quality adapter looms.
Detailed, illustrated instructions are provided to assist with the simple, plug-in installation.




Glass-fibre reinforced housing

The newly developed glass-fibre reinforced housing meets all of our customer requirements for a robust, long-lasting product providing continuous power and is suitable for use in extreme temperature ranges. The system benefits from the latest in shock-absorbing technology.


Heat-resistant circuitry

The full-surface epoxy resin coating ensures a particularly high wear resistance and the best possible surface quality. Intelligent thermal management ensures long-term durability and low chip temperatures by optimising the heat dissipation properties.


Perfect products - satisfied customers!


Surface Mounted Keypad

With the onboard controls you can switch between maps and your system can be individually fine-tuned. 3-colour LEDs display the current selected program and power level.


Multi-map technology

As easy to handle as only a chiptuning box can be and yet as individual as a re-map of the original ECU software - this is what the current generation of chiptuning boxes by DTE Systems with multi-map technology can do; they ensure maximum performance with minimum load. Tuning with multi-map technology means that four to eight data maps are stored in the memory and suitably retrieved depending on the desired driving behaviour. This gives an optimum match of the control parameters in each performance range.


Self-learning autocalibration

Another development is the ability of systems to learn the unique characteristics of their vehicle. During a short run-in period, the memory function gathers the individual data on the different injection cycles. The information obtained serves as a basis for optimization. This way, standard tolerances are compensated for and the best results obtained for each vehicle - without any complicated manual settings.